Support for more Buses


To the Chief Minister of Delhi,

Dilli, our vibrant, historical city, is suffocating from hazardous1 levels of air pollution. And over 50%2 of this pollution comes from vehicles. 

Having more and better public buses and fewer private vehicles can save our city. 🌳

We, the undersigned, hereby demand that in the next budget, the Delhi Government, 
Allocate funds for 

  1. 4000 new buses, including mohalla mini buses
  2. Dedicated budget for bus transport infrastructure, for better bus shelters, depots, dedicated lanes, and more to ensure safety of the passengers and staff. 

    *Source 1*Source 2

    Bus Chalao, Pradushan Bhagao

I support the recommendations to help re-attain a healthy Delhi for its hearty Dilliwalahs.